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How to Detect Malicious Azure Persistence Through Automation Account Abuse

There are many ways an attacker can maintain persistence and create ‘backdoors’ in Azure allowing them re-entry back into the environment. Persistence is important to an attacker if compromised accounts have been discovered and removed by the victim organisation as the attackers still need to find a way to re-gain access to the environment.  Installation of a webhook to interact with malicious runbooks created through automation accounts is one way an attacker can re-gain access into a tenant if compromised account access has been revoked. I was inspired to write this blog post about how to detect this technique when I came across an excellent post  written by Karl Fosaaen  detailing how an attacker can abuse automation accounts to maintain persistence. I have broken down this blog post into two sections covering both the detection methodology and the attack flow. For a more detailed attack flow, I urge you to take a read Karl’s blog as I took what he detailed in his post and recreated