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How to build a crypto token in under 10 minutes (ECR-20)

With the rise of Doge and other Ethereum based tokens (NFTs, $UNI, $LINK....) I figure there would be many people wanting to learn how to use Solidity to build their own meme (or non-meme) tokens. This blog post will show you step-by-step how to do this within 10 minutes.  If you find this content helpful, please feel free to send me some DOGE @  DRwU8cc4F5MsC9egz2yKfqCFUQr5VpMQ51.  What is a token? Crypto "coins" like Bitcoin (BTC) are generally used as "money" or a unit of value and are stored on the coin-specific blockchain. Tokens are built on these existing blockchains (on top of the Ethereum/Neo/etc blockchain). This blog post will be showing you how to build an Ethereum-based token (ECR-20). Tokens are most commonly used with a dApp (decentralised application). For example, with Enjin , you can use your tokens to purchase in-game assets on the virtual marketplace. These can be characters, plots of land or assets like trees or other digital assets. NFTs are us